Customer Testimonials
"My cat adjusted to it fine as a kitten. This pad has super absorbent power and it is very soft. It makes for lower odor and easier clean up." --- Maya
"I've never had one of the pads leak. I am astonished at how much liquid one pad can hold. For Anyone with a cat, I highly recommend this. Great value for the money." --- Isaiah
"I have 2 kittens and I purchased ezcatpad for them. It is designed to fit into litter system trays such as Breeze Litter Trays. And It holds up near about 500ml of liquid." --- Grayson
"These cat pads fit perfectly into THE BREEZE LITTER SYSTEM. Wow! I got them almost at half of the price." --- Amelia
"My older cat is fussy about litters, and this is the one he prefers to use. I do not change these frequently, and they never get heavy and feel like a "breeze". It works. It makes my kitty feel cleaner." --- Rachel
"My cats use it only to urinate, and the pad absorbs all the urine and I have never had any odor come from it.
I would definitely recommend it to cat owners." --- D. Mathew
"These are great and not expensive, good value for the money." --- Noble
"Removing a pad and replacing it is much easy than scooping gooey litter. So I change the pad every 4 days and these pads keep our box fresh all the time." --- Rhea
"Our cats really prefer these pads they keep the odor down and they don't overflow easily. And we got this with great price!" --- Angela
"The litter clumps so hard that it was difficult to clean the box itself. This pad makes it super quick and easy. Keeps the cat a lot cleaner, too." --- Thomas
"Love these! My cat has been using this Breeze system pad just few times ago. It is decently priced and you can buy it in bulk! Highly recommended." --- Henry
"It is the best thing I did! Makes life so much easier! This pad fits  just like the  breeze pad. Realy Love it!" --- Elli
"No more running to the store all the time for pads. I purchased them online and shipping is free. Great  product for  great  price!" --- Evan
"I bought EZCatPads for my 2 kittens. It keeps the area smelling fresh. It is just like the  breeze pad. My kittens are felt very comfort." --- Suzanne
"These pads are very effective. Great level of absorbency, and really cut down on odors. I've re-purchased these many times." --- Carol
"I absolutely love this breeze cat litter pad. No mess in the litter. No urine smells." --- Laura