Customer Testimonials
"It holds up to 500 ml of litter. Also it is disposable so very easy to use and the product costs are very satisfying." --- Elena
"My cats weren't happy at first with the change, but they are coming around. I dispose this pad every 3days and my cats feel comfortable." --- Ruble
"I tried many brands and had problems related to odor control and tracking. This is life changing as far as cat bathrooms go! Stops the odors!" --- Fiona
"I use litter box, no urine leaks, even if they stand all the way up to pee! No more litter tracked around the house l, no more mess!! Very absorbant pad." --- Archy
"Clean easy, just need to changed pads when you need too, then you won’t have a problem. No smell -best ever! No more cat litter tracked on the floor." --- Teresa
"I highly recommend this pad. It feels cleaner, little to no smell, and also has a nice look." --- Leonardo
"So easy to clean and absorb the nasty odors keeping my house smelling nice and fresh I definitely recommend it!" --- Ash
"If you’ve already purchased breeze litter system then you must know how fantastic it works and these pads are excellent! It is so nice to have a much less messy litter box and no smell!" --- Nimo
"NO cat pee odor! Love this pad! A pad lasts 6days for one cat, so are economical." --- Steve
"I don't love cat litter trays and pads, but this is the best.The smell is almost non existent (thanks, ezcatpads!) and my cat seems cool with it all." --- Rochie
"I tried several premium cat pads and no way are they as absorbent or long-lasting and I have no idea how the closet does not smell like cat piss because I leave that thing in there for a week." --- Tammy
"I have 2 adult cats. I started using this system a month ago and LOVE IT. I've gone from a stinky mess with litter tracked everywhere to no odor, no tracking, much better alternative." --- Monica
"My cat really enjoys using these compared to the other brand I used to buy! She had no problem adjusting with them." ---Sasha
"I am constantly trying new products to find something that works and this product works great!" --- Elina
"These pads are amazing. Ive tried brand pads in the past and they only last a day or two. These pads last a week or a little longer. So absorbent and they hide the pee scent really well as well."--- Nikki
"They're incredibly easy to use and replace and I'm very glad they exist! I have never used litter box liners before and now I dont know how I lived without them. They make clean up so easy and they really do a great job at controlling odor. Im a customer for life!" --- Suzan
"I absolutely love this litter box company and their products. These pee pads are easy to refill, easy to change out. They are extremely absorbing and I wash the pad and reuse it. I love it!" --- Charlee
"We do not own the Breeze litter system. However, we use these pads because sometimes my cat cant make it to her litter box. The pads are super soft. When they are not soiled, sometimes my cat will sleep on them." --- Barlin
"Designed to work with all BREEZE Litter Systems, these pads contain Ammonia Blocker that keeps ammonia odor from forming for one week for one cat. Its super-absorbent material soaks up urine quickly, so the litter box stays dry and your cat feels comfortable." --- Nisha
"Basically it is a cat pad but I use them to line my rabbits litter box. Some pads I purchased before were too flimsy, but these pads are thick and absorbent. Work much better." --- Ginger
"I have 2 cats and these pads are very absorbent. Much better than any other cat pad. Less expensive does a great job!!" --- Amelia
"These pads are AMAZING!!!!!! Way cheaper than brand ones but they work just the same." --- S. Mason
"Perfect pads for my kitty! These work great in the breeze litter system. Very absorbant and I don't notice any odor until it is time to change the pad out." --- Carlos
"These are the best pads for a great price. Fits the Breeze kitty litter box perfectly." --- Joan
"Cleaning the litter box was a tedious, smelly, awful task. But now, I clean the cat pad weekly and its quilted surface gives my cat very comfort." --- Dino
"LOVE this!! Its made my life so much easier. I'm looking for a pad to stick with. It fits into litter system trays such as Breeze Litter Trays." --- Katie
"We have 3 full grown cats and one is 7 and as they get older, so we need more absorbent capacity pads and this pad fulfil the need. It holds up to 500 ml of liquid." --- Zahra
"I have a multi cat household and this system works great. The cats don't track the litter every where and There is no smell and the clean up is very simple." --- Hannah
"I have two cats and this pad is a blessing. The pads last a week and the litter doesn't get tracked through my home like other brands." --- Loy
"This is very lightweight and affordable cat pad. It has non-leaking plastic backing so no litter speads on my floor." --- Linda
"I am always looking for a better alternative. It is really better than any other costly pads. It is designed to fit into litter system trays as well as Breeze Litter Trays." --- Nancy
"I rescue small pets and always keep small potty pads down. I wash the pads and reuse them along with dosposables and I use a lot." --- Felisa
"They are so great the first one lasted 14 days with my two cats. I’ve gone as long as 2 weeks without cleaning it off and the tracking hardly existed past the pad!" --- Sherry
"I bought this on a whim, not knowing much about litter pads. It SERIOUSLY catches my cat’s clay litter like magic!!" --- Jim
"It is dense enough that it catches around 500 ml of liquid litter, and it cleans easily. One word, Awesome!" --- Koko
"This is the best cat pads I’ve ever had! I bought 1 for the bedroom and loved it so much I purchased 2 more for our other two litter boxes!" --- Diana
"I use breeze litter box but I use this bacis pads. Just received my order of 7 pads, already I am loving them. This is the Value Cat Pads." --- Janet
"I have 3 cats and the ammonia  odor has been unbearable. I have tried these products, first time I can’t  smell anything!! Thank you!" --- Bryan
"I just cleaned the box and put in a new pad. I went for over 1 week with absolutely NO ODOR." --- Cathleen
"It is a basic Cat Pads and Cheaper Alternative To Breeze Cat Pads. Its unique formulation of fluff and gel helps to prevent leakage and odor." --- Gary
"The soft surface of this mat ensures that my pet cat is comfortable and sometimes he sleeps on it. Its quilted surface pattern increases absorption." --- Jody
"Absorbs the moisture quickly and can be disposed of easily. When I am travelling, I always carry this pad for my cat." --- Nikita
"Very good product same as shown as pictures. Its back is made with non-leaking plastic so catches all the loose litter and protect the floor." --- Paula
"It catches all the flying sand and litter also is easy enough to dust and clean. My cats love to sleep on it for its soft surface." --- Manda
"I got it because my cat spills the litter and plays with it. The pad holds it back and keeps the floor clean." --- Billy
"This rectangular-shaped pad not only provides a soft surface for my kitty to step on, but it also helps to remove litter from paws. And not so much expensive so I purchase repeatedly." --- Pia Jone
"A basics Cat Litter Mat so it helps keep cat litter under control. This pad works well with clay, wheat, corn, and other sandy types of litters." --- Lovelin
"No more urine smell in my house! The cats like it! Easy to clean as well! I love my breeze cat litter box system! The liquid waste pass through into the pad in the tray below. So I can easily remove solid waste from the top of the litter for disposal." --- Kate. D
"These are very effective. They hold up litters well, great level of absorbency. Earlier my litter boxes in my bathrooms.This system has solved the problem of having litter tracked everywhere and I love not having that awful chemical smell!" --- Bob
"I use these pads in my litter boxes because it makes cleaning a lot easier. Only problem is my cats like to scratch the
plastic." --- Erin
"For anyone with a Breeze litter box, I highly recommend these! They save you a lot of money." --- Rodney
"After using the litter pads that fits in my Breeze litter box. It does soak through and I have had to wash the tray - but if I remember to check, I can rotate the tray if needed." --- Mona
"I got these for my 16 yr old cat. It’s always take the box fresh. No litter and no litter tracking! Great value, clean, absorbent, easy to use, cost efficient and little waste." --- Valery
"They are super absorbent and have a plastic on the bottom that locks in moisture. These fit perfectly in drawer type cat litter systems. I have two cats and three litter boxes. I change the pads about once a week." --- Nicolas
"Cleaning use to be so messy and time consuming but now it’s a breeze. They hold all the urine and make cleaning the litter box so much easier and they are not expensive either." --- Jessica
"These pads are very soft, quilted and absorbent and the perfect size for my two boys. Perfectly fit to the litter box." --- Sai
"I use them to line my hamster’s litterbox. The litter clumps so hard that it was difficult to clean the box itself. This makes it super quick and easy. Keeps the box a lot cleaner, too. These have a waterproof backing they are excellent at protecting my floors." --- Abida
"I don't have the Breeze litter box, and I bought the pads to put in a plain, but it holds up to 500 ml of liquid. It is a value Cat Pads." --- Christy
"No more litter sweeping every day. No more litter stuck to paws. Its non-leaking plastic backing and quilted surface pattern increases absorption, Its made my life so much easier." --- Bob
"I started using less than a month ago, so far so good. It has made a lot easier for me to maintain the box, I just scoop out the box daily and change the pad weekly and the smell is down." --- Russell
"No Mess, No Fuss, No Smell. Simple to change, makes owning a cat more enjoyable! The pads are so soft that you can make it as bed for cats." --- Kara
"I'm really considering trying the whole Breeze litterbox system because I have been impressed with the performance of the pads. I highly recommend these to cat owners and possibly even dog owners too." --- Natalie
"The pads are amazing. They don't reek of pee. Have a pleasant scent. Easier to change. My cats loved this product!!" --- Patrick
"This cat pad fits in both breeze box and traditional box. This is much easier to clean the with less scatter. It has made everything less messy overall." --- Diane
"I tried another companies product , but I go with this one. I have two cats and two boxes, and I only change them once a week, and they never smell. These are well worth the money." --- Poli
"So excited to see these, I have a dog going to have puppies and need lots of these. Thank you for any samples your able to send." --- Nicole
"These super-absorbent cat pads are designed for the BREEZE Litter System and also for normal litter use. Just replace it weekly. So easy to cleanup and no more dust, or litter find around her box, or stinky ammonia stench!!" --- Tessa
"These cat pads are convenient & absorb we'll. This is a wonderful invention. The idea of changing this pad once a week is a good idea." --- Alex
"This pad system is simply amazing when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene. I use this pad in the tray instead of the Breeze Pads. The urine in the tray clumps dried out and the smell is neutralized, I just scoop it out." --- Bebita
"I love these pads and these pads are easy to use. It fits perfectly in my litter box. When you want to change...put the pad in a thrash bag and put a new pad in!!" --- Masaba
"I scoop dried poop from the top, no smells and slide the pee pad out and put in a new one. Super easy, no mess no smell. Not sure if this would be for multiple cats." --- Jaquline
"No smell, less mess and way easier to clean! This product is great and eliminating the meds of litter." --- Priya
"I change the pad 1 time a week. This system is like magic! I have my litterbox in the living room because it’s a small apartment but people who come do not get any bad smell. It is so worth the price!" --- Jenefer
"I've been using the Breeze litter system for a long time, When I saw these I had to try them. These pads work very well. The scent is good and clean, not overwhelming. I'll buy these from now!" --- Thumblina
"Exactly what I was looking for. I notice around day 5 or 6 that the pads need to be changed. Easy to clean, no lifting or scooping hurting your wrists. No back ache. Easy easy easy!!!" --- Grecie
"I use these pads in three Breeze litter boxes and they do a great job. The price is also comparable to getting them at the store. There is no odor, no dust and the cats are perfectly happy with their litter boxes." --- Rohan
"Over many years of experience as cat owners - this pad is effective and simple way to deal with cats. The pads are not very expensive so we go through a lot of them." --- Christina
"This really is a fantastic product…there is no odor at all.... each packet lasts long. It's gel helps to prevent leakage and odor and quilted surface pattern increases the absorption capacity." --- Renae
"I was gone 7 days out of town, and the litter box didn’t get scooped while I was gone, but it didn’t smell at all when I got home, and the cats were still using it. It's really a cheaper alternative to Breeze Cat Pads." --- Angie
"I have 3 cats and the ammonia odor has been unbearable.  I have tried many products over the years but with these pads I can now be in the same room. One of our best purchases ever!" --- Martha
"This Cat Pad has been the best thing for our cats, money saved. No more litter odor for me. I’m one happy kitty owner!!"
--- Camelia
"The pads are super soft with the gel technology. When they are not soiled, sometimes my cat will sleep on them. The pads are truly super absorbent and have really great odor control." --- Nelson
"It contains the mess huge and is simple to use. It seems even better than our first one. Cleaner house and no odor."
--- Dorothy
"It is a great product. Especially for those with cats and small living in an apartment. Ideal for city life! It’s been great! I love it! So convenient and my cat took to it easily!" --- Esha
"These pads can be used in litter trays and boxes, in a car, on the floor or when you are travelling. It absorbs the moisture quickly and can be disposed of easily." --- Janice
"It helps to prevent my cat from making the entire home dirty with litter sand particles. The pad is suitable for litter boxes of almost all sizes." --- Taniya
"My cats loved this product!! At first they were a little apprehensive about something new in their box, but now they love it! Very soft and jel formulated so it absorbs urine lots!" --- Elena
"It works like a pad and it fits in all box. If you have the litter box it should work for you. It catches all the urine. Also if I have to let it go for an extra day there is still no odor." --- Richard
I loved it because it is less expensive and works fantastic! That plastic soaks up pee smell, so every few months I completely soak all the pans in diluted bleach water. Cats seem very happy with it. No more stinky clay dust! No more cat litter on furniture! --- Brook
These are the pads to buy. I have purchased many of the off-brand versions cat pads and they just don't do the same job. It has the Non-leaking plastic backing and quilted surface pattern which increases absorption capacity and holds up to 500 ml of liquid. --- Deborah
Amazing!!!So easy to use! Just changing out the pads for disposal- has been a wonderful bonus. This is the only product I have ever used that has not left the room smelling of urine. --- Tito
These cat pads has super-absorbent capacity and are specially designed for the Breeze Litter System to deliver outstanding odor control, with easy cleanup. It also Cheaper than the other Breeze Cat Pads. So I definately buy them again. --- Sandra
"All needs to know that these pads are much more absorbing, less smell, and last much longer! Every other pad just stunk after the first day. They all leaked onto the tray. This pad has a gel type formula which prevent leakage and odor." --- Amy
"I use Ezcatpad with the breeze box. The pad absorbs 90 percent of the urine (and all of the smell), so I don't have to change the pads that often. With three cats, each pad lasts 1-1.5 weeks." --- Linda. J
"Usually we buy the branded pads, but decided to try these because we could get them in bulk quantity and at a very good price. They work just as well as the branded pads, will definitely buy these again." --- Rabeya
"These pads are just what we need for our litter pans.They absorb well so even if we skip one changing cycle it is OK!. We will definitely buy again, and again!" --- Angela
"Now, we all know the Breeze pads are not cheap but I am perfectly happy with these pads..very reasonable price. Having 3 cats, I have never used a cat pad, Breeze brand or otherwise, longer than 2 days. It just grosses me out.The disposal is really easy." --- Kiron
"The pads are truly super absorbent and have really great odor control. I clean the pads up immediately after they are soiled usually but at the times that I'm not home they mask the odor. I dont smell any urine smell when they are soiled. And the price are very resonable." --- Lily
"We have 2 kittens. We do not own the Breeze litter system. However, we use these pads because sometimes my cat can't make it to her litter box. The pads are super soft. sometimes they sleep on them." --- Peter
"It catches all the urine. Also if I have to let it go for an extra day there is still no odor. I like that there is no daily cleaning of urine needed." --- Harry
"My girls like it so much I had to buy another one! It is super absorbent I wanted to get this for them for the coming vacation trip." --- Tia
"I am so happy with my this litter Pad system. It is so convenient and  there is no smell like other traditional cat pads. I can't stop gushing to other cat owners how fantastic it is. Super happy!" --- Andrea
"I highly recommend these pads for the breeze system. I would imagine there are some cats who wont like it but I was beyond shocked to see that all my cats took to it almost immediately and seem to prefer it over traditional litter." --- Tina
"These pads are very ABSORBENT! When I change the pad out it is often saturated with pee but none of it drips off the pad. It is absolutely effortless to change pads and dispose of the peed on pad.I have almost never smelled a urine odor coming from the litter box." --- Barbara
"I initially thought this would be more expensive than the clumping litter, but happily surprised to find that, after start-up, the maintenance cost is actually very low.I really believe its a health benefit for us and the cats not to breathe all that dust into our lungs." --- Evelyn
"The pads work wonderfully at controlling odor and even with 4 cats sharing just 2 boxes, only need to be changed about every 4 to 5 days. It is best (as with any litter box) to scoop the solids daily, but we did go away for 2 days and there was no problem leaving it that long." --- Lauren
"These pads are designed for Breeze litter system box. We purchased this system when we adopted a cat. This system is amazing. As a child having cats and cleaning the litter box was a tedious, smelly, awful task. But now, my proccess is...scoop the litter dailyand I clean the cat pad weekly." --- Angelicia
"No dust. No "cat pee" smell. Litter is easy to pick up. It is value for money product. " --- Patricia
"I have 2 cats. If you want a litter system pad that helps with the "cat pee" smell, this is it. I have to change the pad every 3-4 days. This stuff is amazing at keeping my house odor free." --- Nicholas
"No more mopping the floor when the pads leak through. No more picking up poop and running to the bathroom to dispose it!" --- Elizabeth
"Now I just swap the pad. These are not so expensive and it holds up to 500 ml of liquid. I think this is a must have for indoor cats." --- Adrienne
"It's much cleaner, more sanitary, less maintenance and it really cuts down on the smell factor! These pads are what make such a huge difference! It makes a daily scooping routine much easier because the wet part is absorbed, so their box stays cleaner and it's less work for pet owners!" --- Stephanie
"We have used both the ezcatpad and the branded one. The advantage to the Ez Cat Pads are that to fit into litter system trays and its plastic backing and quilted surface pattern has more absorption capacity. Its a Value Cat Pads."--- Jeson
"I bought the Breeze system because I really hate dealing with scooping cat litter. It is cheaper than Breeze Cat Pads. This pad has fluff and gel formula which helps to prevent leakage." --- Darleen
"This pad system is simply amazing when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene. I use this pad in the tray instead of the Breeze Pads. The urine in the tray clumps dried out and the smell is neutralized, I just scoop it out." --- Peggy
"This litter box system is the best I have ever have. This is good for all cats. It is decently priced and you can buy it in bulk on." --- Shaun Rylee
"It is so much better than clumping litter. The pads last about a week and very budget friendly. This is great for controlling the nastiest urine odors. This was so much better than I could imagine." --- Donna
"I received this product for testing and I dont have the correct Breeze litter box to use the pads with. But I will say I love the smell and its super absorbent quality. However I didnt even know the breeze system existed. So now I'll check it out in the future." --- Caden
"These pads kept my cats liter box smelling fresh, I didnt have to change his box as often because of the smell. I dont think there is any improvements that need to be made! Most importantly price so cheap!!!" --- Gracie
"I like the idea of these, however I couldn't really try them. I was given the pads in a voxbox but I dont have the litter box to go with them so wasnt able to try. I do like the idea of these though, seems like cleanup would be very easy and any scent would be minimal." --- Evan. Willium
"I enjoyed trying this product, made the litter box smell way better. Great for multiple cat owners." --- Melisa
"I don't have a compatable set up so I used these at the entrance of the litter box. It caught little messed and litter well. The smell is OK. My cats loved this product!! So I buy the pad." --- Mary
"The EZ cat pads are really a great product. Earlier we do not use the Breeze litter system pads However, we use these pads because sometimes my cat cant make it to her litter box. The pads are super soft. When they are not soiled, sometimes my cat will sleep on them. The pads are truly super absorbent and have really great odor control." --- Kaitlyn
"This product was a great buy. It has the best absorption it's gel helps prevent leakage and odor. It fits perfectly in the litter box and it lasts a week with my cat." --- Carolyn
"I was pleasantly surprised by these pads!! I use these in my breeze litter box which I use for my bunnies. They are just as good as the more expensive brand. For the price I am very happy with the product! I have had the name brand pad from Breeze But these pads are just the same. They fit the tray and are very absorbent." --- Karen
"I bought these to try and save some money on the refill pads for the Breeze. I only have one cat so change it once a week. So far I'm happy, they fix EXACTLY Breeze pads. I can honestly say these held up very well. Don’t expect brand name quality but I already ordered more. Really your cat is peeing on it." --- Sheena
"They worked perfectly. They were cheaper than Regular Breeze pads, the right size, the right texture, biodegradable, so aesthetically pleasing." --- Melanie
"This cat pad has changed my life. The worst part of cleaning the litter box were the clumps of urine. But, Now there's no smell, and there isn't litter tracked all through the house."--- Lynn
"This the best ever cat pad for litter box/system!!!I spent lots of money for the Breeze Litter System pad but they are very expensive, Now I got Ezcatpad very durable and resonable in priceand. I have forgotten to change it and realized the same pad had been in for two weeks with no problem." --- Alex
"My cat adjusted to it fine as a kitten. This pad has super absorbent power and it is very soft. It makes for lower odor and easier clean up." --- Maya
"I've never had one of the pads leak. I am astonished at how much liquid one pad can hold. For Anyone with a cat, I highly recommend this. Great value for the money." --- Isaiah
"I have 2 kittens and I purchased ezcatpad for them. It is designed to fit into litter system trays such as Breeze Litter Trays. And It holds up near about 500ml of liquid." --- Grayson
"These cat pads fit perfectly into THE BREEZE LITTER SYSTEM. Wow! I got them almost at half of the price." --- Amelia
"My older cat is fussy about litters, and this is the one he prefers to use. I do not change these frequently, and they never get heavy and feel like a "breeze". It works. It makes my kitty feel cleaner." --- Rachel
"My cats use it only to urinate, and the pad absorbs all the urine and I have never had any odor come from it.
I would definitely recommend it to cat owners." --- D. Mathew
"These are great and not expensive, good value for the money." --- Noble
"Removing a pad and replacing it is much easy than scooping gooey litter. So I change the pad every 4 days and these pads keep our box fresh all the time." --- Rhea
"Our cats really prefer these pads they keep the odor down and they don't overflow easily. And we got this with great price!" --- Angela
"The litter clumps so hard that it was difficult to clean the box itself. This pad makes it super quick and easy. Keeps the cat a lot cleaner, too." --- Thomas
"Love these! My cat has been using this Breeze system pad just few times ago. It is decently priced and you can buy it in bulk! Highly recommended." --- Henry
"It is the best thing I did! Makes life so much easier! This pad fits  just like the  breeze pad. Realy Love it!" --- Elli
"No more running to the store all the time for pads. I purchased them online and shipping is free. Great  product for  great  price!" --- Evan
"I bought EZCatPads for my 2 kittens. It keeps the area smelling fresh. It is just like the  breeze pad. My kittens are felt very comfort." --- Suzanne
"These pads are very effective. Great level of absorbency, and really cut down on odors. I've re-purchased these many times." --- Carol
"I absolutely love this breeze cat litter pad. No mess in the litter. No urine smells." --- Laura